I’ve recently trialed the Nikon Z fc (crop sensor) courtesy of Progear and are pretty impressed with its functionality plus how easy it is to use.  So impressed that I’ve now added it to my kit!!  I must add a disclaimer, this camera is addictive!!

There are dedicated dials on the top of the camera to change ISO, shutter speed & white balance, while aperture is controlled from the front dial.  A full touch panel on the back flip-out screen is another way to change the camera’s settings.  This camera is so gorgeously retro looking and is designed to look like Nikon’s signature film camera. It is amazingly light, just over 500g with the 16-50mm lens (also in silver) attached.  It comes in a variety of colours shown below, plus of course plain black.

I also tested the f2.8 prime 28mm and the f2.8 50mm macro.   I was super impressed with both and being f2.8 the 28mm well worth adding to your kit if you want a street photography or landscape prime and the 50mm macro produces stunning images.

What I also liked:

  • Nikon’s app to control the camera remotely – great for capturing long exposure images
  • Nikon Image Space which gives you free 20gb of cloud storage – excellent way to backup of your travel photos
  • Two ways of charging batteries: the typical charger unit and also via the USBC–>USBA cable included, to connect the camera directly to the power source.  This makes for not needing to pack the battery charger.
  • Firmware updates are via Nikon’s app, making it easy to keep everything up-to-date.

If you’re keen to get your hands on this camera, as I’ve now added this camera and 4 lenses to my kit, it’s available to use on my photography tours, retreats & workshops.

If you’re keen to get your hands on this camera, Progear have worked with me to provide a price for everything you’ll need:

  • Z fc body – your choice from the above awesome colours
  • f3.5-6.3 silver 15-50mm & f4.5-6.3 50-250mm lenses
  • 2 x 32GB Extreme Pro SD cards
  • 1 x extra battery
  • 1 x everyday sling bag available in ash or black

The price for this camera & kit above will vary, but at the time of publishing this, (with discount) is $2,225 plus GST (price may be subject to change). Of course you don’t need to buy the whole kit, you will still though receive good pricing.  NOTE: please allow two days from ordering if you want one of the coloured models PLUS Progear will ship within New Zealand.  Contact the team at Progear on 09 529 5055 and mention Phillips’ awesome pricing for Lesley.