Street photography is all about capturing the candid everyday moments that make up the world around us. There’s no rule that says the camera you already have won’t work for street photography but to really blend in, a small camera is best.

Camera & lens

For street photography, I use my Nikon Z fc with a 50mm f/1.2 lens courtesy of Progear.  So impressed that I’ve now added it to my kit and I must add a disclaimer, this camera is addictive!!

If I’m shooting on tight, or narrow streets, I will then use the 26mm f1.2. The Nikon Z fc system is a great street camera for me – it’s light and touchscreen, making for quick setting and focus changes.

There are dedicated dials on the top of the camera to change ISO, shutter speed & white balance, while aperture is controlled from the front dial.  A full touch panel on the back flip-out screen is another way to change the camera’s settings.  This camera is so gorgeously retro looking and is designed to look like Nikon’s signature film camera. It is amazingly light, just over 500g with the 16-50mm lens (also in silver) attached.  It comes in a variety of colours shown below, plus of course plain black.

Shutter speed and ISO

Normally, I’d have my ISO at 100 or 200, but with street photography you need to be quick to react to your surroundings. Set your shutter speed to 1/500 sec and ISO at 400, although on wet days, try ISO 800 and shutter speed of 1/750 sec or 1/1000 sec.


Aperture will depend on light conditions and time of day

  • f/16 for bright sunlight
  • f/11 for the sun with clouds
  • f/8 – f5.6 for overcast or shooting in shade
  • f/4 for evening or sunrise.


If you’re not confident with manually focusing on your subject, set the focus to auto and face tracking.  If your camera is has a touch screen, make sure you turn on the ability to “tap to focus.”

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About Lesley Whyte

Lesley is Australasia’s only woman street photography mentor offering a variety of street photography workshops in New Zealand and Australia; beginners, abstract, advanced two day and Henri Cartier-Bresson methodolgy two day.