Tips for overcoming fears of capturing street photography images

When you’re out on the street with your camera, many people are looking at you wondering what you are photographing.  Here’s are just a few of my tips to help you reduce your nerves so you don’t freeze so you can create beautiful street shots. 

Good street photography can look deceptively easy and if you’ve been on one of my street photography workshops you will have practiced these tips. 

Fear stops many would-be street photographers, but with the right approach, overcoming your nervousness is possible.

I’ve been leading street photography workshops across New Zealand & Australia and photographing on the streets for years and I’m sharing my techniques to work past your street photography fears allowing you to enjoy taking great street images without feeling paralysed by anxiety. 


Everything you need to know about street photography

Here’s my latest article on everything you could ever want to know about street photography.

Street photography is about candidly photographing life and human nature. It is a way for us to show our surroundings and how as photographers we relate to it through various images. Within street photography there any many sub-genres: candid, reflections, panning and intentional camera movement (ICM), just to name a few. 

Intentional camera Movement (ICM) at Pitt Street Mall in Sydney

What is street photography?

There is lots online to read which talk about this, but for me, street photography is a visual documentation of everyday life and society. However, a person doesn’t need to be in an image for it to be considered street photography, it although does take place exclusively in public areas, not necessarily on the street.

Within the street photography genre, there are so many different sub-genres, these are just a few:

  • Documentary & travel
  • Intentional Camera Movement
  • Reflections
  • Long Exposure
  • Henri Cartier-Bresson