July 1, 2021 - July 12, 2021 4:53 pm

Come and join us in July 2021 on a 12-day, luxury Beautiful Bordeaux & Dordogne tour led by myself and celebrity chef Jo Seagar.

This is no ordinary tour; it’s a luxury photography and culinary interest tour.   You’ll have a once in a lifetime opportunity to learn, not only the art of travel and street photography from one of New Zealand’s leading female photography mentors, but also how to prepare, create and present simply delicious French cuisine under the watchful eye of one of New Zealand’s foremost chefs.

This is a fully escorted tour by Pam Young from House of Travel.  We depart Auckland on 1 July 2021 flying to Paris.  Nine nights in the Bordeaux and Dordogne regions and arrive back in Auckland on 12 July 2021.

Exploring the Bordeaux and Dordogne regions, we’ll be sourcing fresh locally grown ingredients.   Under Jo’s expert and passionate guidance, you’ll learn the art of food preparation, how to cook and present delicious regional specific cuisine.   We’ll also be dining at local restaurants, immersing ourselves in the Parisian dining experience.

Photographers will be spoilt under the guidance of both myself and a local professional photography guide as we explore the Dordogne and Bordeaux regions, visiting places not on the normal tourist trail.   You can expect to capture photos of the regions’ beautiful natural surroundings and create long exposure images of sunrises and sunsets over picturesque French vineyards and the countryside.  Surrounded by the exceptional local cultural heritage there is an opportunity of street photography as we walk the Parisian markets and meander through the ups and downs of the narrow streets.  Under my care and tuition, you will learn tips and techniques to create some truly amazing and memorable images.   This is truly the trip of a lifetime.

On our last day before our farewell dinner, we’ll have an opportunity to get together, sharing our favourite images where you’ll be provided with some tips on editing and composure.

For further details, please contact Pam Young, House of Travel’s Designer of Holidays at pammy@hot.co.nz or mobile 021 352 705.

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