Photographing Fireworks

Take your tripod 

You’ll need to keep your camera perfectly still so it’s best to use a tripod and make sure that you set up your tripod on stable ground, and shield it from any wind. You can of course put your camera on a table.

What lens? 

That really depends on what you are thinking your image should look like.

  • Telephoto – 70-200mm will get you detailed shots of the fireworks but you’ll need to keep your camera trained on the right part of the sky at the right time, and it can be easy to miss.
  • Wide angle – 24-70mm will capture the entire skyline but won’t offer a lot of detail in the image. 

What aperture? 

If you have no foreground subjects you can get away with pretty much any aperture, from wide options like f/2.8 to narrow options like f/16.