Why I want you to learn how to capture an image “correctly” in-camera

If you’ve been on any of my workshops, you’ll recall me working with you, coaching you to take time to get the image “right” in-camera, let me explain why:  

Apart from choosing which lens to use, then there are your settings – ISO, shutter speed and aperture to capture the image to your liking, what I’m also wanting you to look at are:

  • The flow of the image – leading lines & framing your subject
  • Horizon – is it straight? 
  • Distracting objects in your image – what’s to the left or right of the centre of your image?

When we come to the important part of processing your images, I’m not wanting you to crop your image to correct leading lines and not to remove a distracting object from the side (rather user Photoshop), nor levelling the horizon.